Public servants of an ideal world…

'could you kindly rephrase that in equivocal, innacurate, vague, self serving and roundabout terms that we can all understand?'

Australia is blessed to be home to a number of very clever think tanks where taking the long view means more than renting out an office on the 45th floor. The researchers and policy writers whose footsteps echo down these halls of reason would make excellent public servants, if only the government was forward thinking enough to employ them. Unfortunately for all of us, it’s not. Fortunately for all of us however, they continue to plug away regardless, clickety clacking on their keyboards in dogged pursuit of the dream in which their words are heeded and made concrete in legislation. The papers they produce are invaluable for everyone from political activists to businesses to government employees in the perspective they bring to public debate.

Here are some of their most current and timely publications outlining how we can best transition to a socially just, sustainable Australia:

The Australia Institute-

Per Capita

Climate Institute

Centre for Policy Development


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