“Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.” Antonio Machado

Sustainability is the future. We all know that our current state of affairs can’t last. Fossil fuels are finite, oil has reached its peak, the world population is growing, the climate is changing and our natural resources have been pushed to their limits. We all know that we need a new way of existing, one where our survival doesn’t depend on the destruction of our home – Earth. We are at the birth of the greatest transformation humanity has seen since the industrial revolution. But the green revolution won’t just happen by itself. A growing number of pioneers lead the way with innovation, intelligent solutions and dogged determination in the face of powerful interests and fear of change. This blog is about them and the world that needs them. This blog is about the journey we face, the issues we are confronting, the push for change and the resistance to it. It’s about reviewing and archiving the knowledge that’s already out there. It’s about finding the new path.

To find the right information: All posts have been split into 3 Categories.

See ‘pioneers’ for all blog items on cutting edge initiatives and pioneers of sustainable solutions from across the globe: articles, links, interviews.

See ‘journey’ for all articles on issues and current affairs related to our transition to a sustainable society.

See ‘knowledge’ for reviews of, links to and tips on resources related to sustainability.


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